We are closed for holidays. The hotel will reopen on March 8, 2024. The restaurant on March 15, 2024. The booking office remains operational exclusively via email or the website.


The brigade is a shared philosophy. It is a continuous taking part, it is an exchange of ideas to continue to grow, together with a taste that wants to be balanced, refined and creative.

We work together every day for a common purpose, where someone will always be ready at sunrise to go to the garden, someone else to bake bread, to define desserts, to choose a wine, to make the shopping list for the next day.

We motivate a team always ready to live and transmit the philosophy of La Madernassa Restaurant & Resort to make it a place of emotions and sharing. The faces, the expressions and the smile that welcome guests are the first business card to show.


Wines selected from all over the world, from eco-friendly, organic, biodynamic agriculture. Wines that we love to identify and research among small and large producers. It is wine that becomes music, it is artistic sensitivity enclosed in a bottle, it is the story of a vine that we want to tell. Elegant, solid, deep wines: they are hills but also seas to sail, different eyes to see through, sustainability and territoriality. After all, we are that: our roots.