Giuseppe and Francesco offer a concept of taste that compares first of all the mind/body duality, not so much to overturn the hierarchy as to propose a thought of the supplement, eliminating any idea of separation. A de-anesthetization of the use of matter by contemporary man where everything is proposed, filtered and evaluated. The need for a sustainable sensoriality that focuses on a new format in which the concept of food meets that awareness that focuses on man as the key of sustainability therefore rises, which must itself be sustainable. The D'Errico Brothers investigate through the gaze of the sense and the heart themes of gastronomic ethical ecology, where in addition to the need to build a new relationship between the ecosystems of which they are part, they decline a shared critical thinking through new productions of dishes where “sustainable” includes the consequences that can derive from the choices made, how these interface with the economic sphere, how they impact on the environmental sphere and what are the social conditions of the subjects involved in the supply chain.