It looks like a romantic tunnel. That of the wisteria in bloom is a spectacle not only of perfumes. One of the fascinating features of our Resort, a corner of the sky where time seems to have stopped and seems to take on shades of new colours. It resembles the work of an impressionist painter but in reality it is only thanks to nature. Wisteria is the perfect symbol for all lovers: in the language of flowers it represents a promise of fidelity and trust in love.


Among the recommended activities, for those who love nature and its tangible reality, there are walks among the fruit trees. The cherry orchard is home to centuries-old plants of different varieties that give white blooms in April, ruby fruits in May and pleasant shade in the warm months. The avenues of Madernassa pear line the climb to the restaurant and the path that leads to the vineyard. Olive trees have found their ideal environment near the "ciabot", old fig trees, apple plants, peaches, pears of different varieties grow in the resort's orchard.


In the highest part of the park stand oaks, hornbeams, alders, maples, hawthorn bushes and different varieties of shrubs. Here nature offers the unusual visit of small foxes, hares, small wild animals or wonderful butterflies that are released into the air in the midst of the chirping of birds. Those who have time to walk through the paths, patience and the right eye can learn about the habits and tracks of the animals in the park. Because nature always rewards, when you least expect it. Just have the foresight to respect it, always, as if it were your home. A precious asset, something that belongs to everyone, that remains for future generations and that is the fruit of what we will be able to preserve today.


The land is rich in observation towers, often also fortified. It is a small turret, entirely made of wood, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the area. Embrace the Roero, caress the Langhe. Here, you could taste a glass of wine with some delicacies of the Chef exclusively, take photos, ask for the hand of your partner and maybe promise eternal love, as this Resort did with its land when it came into the world.