For every moment its place; this is how each area is filled with meaning and tells your story, making your reception special, unique and true. The Madernassa Resort is entirely reserved to give life to an experience with a strong emotional impact, to make the time spent with guests beautiful and dynamic without having to give up the elegance of traditional weddings.

Everything will dress up for the party, the Cherry Orchard, the wisteria path, the swimming pool with the reflections of the trees or the soft evening lights, the kiosk near the aromatics, the watchtower at the top of the park, the romantic terraces, so that each space can be chosen as a magical setting for each phase of the event. And if the rain should surprise us we will not have to give up the open air and the view, but only move a little, under the large porches and in the living rooms with large windows open to the park. A complete and professional sound system reaches every space. Nothing left to chance.


It is the ceremony in which the spouses exchange the promises of eternal love and life together with a very personal and unique style. It can be celebrated in any place of our resort, with formulas different from those of the civil or religious rite, choosing soundtracks and personal readings. It has no legal value, but a deep emotional value that unites spouses and guests.

The Cherry Orchard with the wooden stage in the middle of the green and areas on different levels to accommodate seating, music and dedicated sets, gives a perfect setting to the ceremony that can be celebrated by an officiant chosen by the spouses or by one of our masters of ceremonies.

On the terrace near the pool a welcome drink of infusions and fruit extracts will welcome the guests before the ceremony.


Outdoors in the garden or sheltered under the porches and in the large living rooms with large windows that open onto the garden, we welcome guests with a sensory experience which involves all the senses in a wonderful tour of flavours. A kaleidoscope of creations from our kitchen, finger food served among the guests who can comfortably entertain themselves sitting on the sofas or walk to discover every corner of the resort.


Our chef will sign your menu, choosing it with you, proposing a cuisine that comes from the earth, which plays on contrasts, enhancing the colours and flavours of the territory.

For your guests it will be an experience to remember, to guarantee an event that will remain in the memory.

The tables are set up on the romantic Terrazza Langhe, covered by a sky roof that in the evening lets you glimpse the moon and the stars, is shaded during the day and shelters from the rain when needed, so you never have to give up the wonderful views of the Langhe and the unforgettable sunsets over the Alps. The terrace, combined with the Langhe room and the garden room, forms a single space that can accommodate up to 160 guests. For children you can set up the table and entertainment in other areas dedicated to them.

For more intimate receptions, the Roero terrace and the Roero room can accommodate up to 30 guests.


It is the most romantic moment and deserves a scenography of its own. An enveloping intimacy to live by the pool, punctuated by the dance of the fire fountains in the background, or in the garden surrounded by the sunset over Monviso, surrounded by guests and their favourite musical notes.

To personalize your wedding, our chef offers in different varieties a main cake for cutting, and many small replicas, small works of art to be served in single portion to each guest. For those who love tradition, there will be a choice between classic cake and wedding cake.

Our sommelier will guide you in choosing the best wine for the toast that will accompany the cake served at the table or in the garden amongst soft lights and candlelight.


Music, dancing and atmosphere to start a party that will be the seal of the most beautiful day of their lives.

A technologically equipped disco room open to the garden and the illuminated swimming pool, outdoor lounges, tables and soft lighting for a relaxing, elegant and exclusive atmosphere. To delight the palate small creations of pastries and fresh fruit.

Glamorous, fresh and romantic cocktails and drinks prepared by professional bartenders who can customize your Open Bar with recipes created especially for you.

For those who want to entertain guests “outside the box”, we offer Love & Wine tasting of great wines and meditation wines for an exclusive after-dinner or after-lunch session guided by our sommelier, but also the more informal Love & Beer, tasting of great wines and meditation wines for an exclusive after-dinner or after-lunch session guided by our sommelier, but also the more informal..


A dedicated area where desserts, cakes, friandises, macarones and pralines are served, all rigorously prepared by our pastry chefs.


The corner dedicated to sugared almonds is essential for many newly-weds. Sometimes it takes little to make a difference. We choose for the newly-weds gourmet confetti from the oldest and most renowned Italian confetti factories, without forgetting the candies and fruits for the little ones.


Themed corners to create intimate moments. Being with friends and sharing a fine cigar, tasting a prestigious Rum combined with dark chocolate pralines will create moments to remember with pleasure.


We help you to give shape to your dream, we support you in the planning and organization of the event by sharing with you the choice or coordination of professionals in the sector, photographers, musicians, floral design, event planners and any other supplier who will be part of it. They are people who over time we have known and appreciated for having understood the philosophy with which we build and follow every event, for having shown that they work with that professionalism and passion essential to make unique what will be the most beautiful day of your life. It will be a pleasure to see together the magic that takes shape!